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After nearly seven years of 'meditative' retirement, I've come out of my cave to teach the advanced secrets of health, longevity and fitness...


Discover and learn from the most copied, most imitated, most "ripped-off" and most controversial fitness author on the Internet

Get the straight scoop directly from the MAN who blazed the trail on bodyweight calisthenics with Combat Conditioning, Combat Abs, Combat Stretching and many other best-sellers - loooooong before other fitness authors were acknowledging their immense value, much less writing or creating DVDs about it

Dear Friend,

If you're an athlete or martial artist, an executive or busy professional, a couch potato or a member of the "I used to be in great shape club" - then I suggest you keep reading because what I'm about to reveal to you may represent the greatest breakthrough you've ever come across.

YES, what I'm about to reveal to you is MEGA IMPORTANT. It's so important that after nearly seven years of 'meditative' retirement, I've come out of my "cave" and am now ready to teach the advanced concepts and secrets that you really must know if you want to live a life filled with gusto, as well as great health and longevity.

Honestly, I don't care whether your goal is to fry fat off your body like a burger in a George Foreman grill, build functional muscle at lightning speed, or have the power, flexibility, endurance and vitality of a young child... you've come to the right place!

What's more, if you have the desire to live a long, long life - and be totally fit and healthy throughout the duration, then I really, really want to 'bend your ear.'
Matt Furey in deep meditation

Nick Nurse, Head Coach of World Champion NBA Toronto Raptors

"I first ordered your program several years ago for my own personal use as I had, well, blown up and put on about 30 pounds. I loved the whole program and really started to get after it and like many of your other customers, the pounds starting dropping fast. I lost the 30 xtra in no time flat.

"As as basketball coach, I decided that these exercises would be great for players I've coached. They ate it up, too. Doing the "Hindu's" as they called them, became a fun and competitive daily part of our training. What a deal for me. These guys thought they were fun and challenging and all I wanted was for them to get in great shape. The squats built great leg power for our guys and I know we out worked teams and won games because of this training.

"I always recommend your work outs to everyone I talk to about health and conditioning. Thank you so much for all you have done."

Nick Nurse
Head Coach, World Champion Toronto Raptors NBA

Okay, so who am I and why is it a good idea to listen to me?

My name is Matt Furey and 15 years ago I came out with Combat Conditioning - an international best-selling book and set of videos that delivered BIG on its promises. Three seemingly "basic" bodyweight calisthenics - Hindu squats, Hindu pushups and bridging - literally kicked the butts of people all over the world and transformed peoples' bodies in record time.

It wasn't supposed to be possible - but as I told you, these three exercises, known as "The Royal Court" - RULE.

My students got stronger, fitter, more flexible, more functional and more athletic - straight across the board - FAST!

Athletes of virtually every shape, size and sport, benefitted enormously - all the way from middle school to the pros. Same goes for martial artists, boxers, wrestlers and MMA fighters.

The Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines jumped on the Combat Conditioning bandwagon, too. Soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea and elsewhere around the globe, pulled out my book and DVDs and followed along.

So did best-selling motivational authors and speakers, best-selling novelists, dancers, police officers, schoolteachers, IT executives, lawyers, and physicians of every kind.

[Note: USHER, the R&B star, went on record and said he was doing Combat Conditioning on a VH1 special.]

The exercises I've taught have made it all the way to the NBA, the MLB and the NFL - not to mention plenty of colleges and universities.

And here's why?

People were tired of going to gyms, tired of using machines, tired of the injuries they got in spite of (or because of) the weights, tired of the tight muscles and the idea that you had to do strength training, endurance training and flexibility work at separate times.

People wanted to FEEL STRONG and BE STRONG in a NATURAL WAY - the way nature intended.

My students got it. They understood what I meant when I wrote that "animals in the wild" were stronger and fitter than humans - yet, they trained with their own bodyweight (not with weights).

Everything became crystal clear when excess flab flew off my students' bodies at "breakneck speed" and they could do things they once thought impossible. And yes, that includes strongman feats.

So it may not surprise you that my fans include athletes and martial artists at every level - including the professional ranks - as well as former department store Blobs, Buffet Molesters, Land Whales and "Lardassians."

Recently, fellow fitness superstar and strongman, Johnny Grube, dubbed me as "The Godfather of Bodyweight Training." He went on to say the following about what I started some 15 years ago:
The reason I call Matt "The Godfather" of bodyweight training is because HE started it all! Bodyweight training has been around for many, many years but until Matt started marketing his book Combat Conditioning - bodyweight training was used mostly as a warm-up or cool down tool. Over the years my body has healed and my life is better having been exposed to Matt Furey and all the people he shared with me. I personally will always be loyal to Matt whether we ever talk or meet, he changed my life by exposing me to a "No Limit" type of thinking. So remember almost any books, or bodyweight training programs you see, as well as the guys you see doing pull-ups in the park - whether they know it or not, Matt Furey brought this mainstream.

Even so, most people on this planet have yet to be introduced to the power of bodyweight exercises and calisthenics. Perhaps you're one of these people. Or maybe you just want to "go to the next level"

Either way, here's something you need to know before you begin your journey with me. Years ago, when the rest of the fitness world was focused on weight training and eating six small meals a day...

I wrote about the horrors of weight training injuries and how it did NOT prevent them (in sports) like so many trainers want you to believe. In fact, I believe the weight training is an unsung yet major contributor to many sports-related injuries.

• I talked about all the torn tendons and ligaments in sports and martial arts and what I believed to be the main causes.

I bucked all the lock-step cultural trends promoted in the glossy, greased-up, steroid-freak bodybuilding magazines.

• I introduced long-life exercises that I learned in China that effortlessly improved peoples' health as well as their flexibility and strength.

I dared to say you could get strong, even super strong, as well as functionally fit - by MASTERING YOUR OWN BODYWEIGHT.

• I told people to STOP doing LSD - long-slow-distance cardio and replace it with sprints.

I told people to go on periodic fasts to rev up their metabolism and increase growth hormone - now confirmed by numerous scientific studies.

• I told people you could get strong and flexible simultaneously - while also increasing your endurance.

I wrote about the importance of increasing the strength of your tendons and ligaments - not just your muscles - to avoid injuries and increase strength.

• I said that deep breathing was the most important component of ANY exercise program.

I championed the idea that you can do "recovery" workouts - and said that rest and nutrition did NOT necessarily help a person rejuvenate after hard training.

• I told people to "follow Nature's Laws" when it comes to exercise, eating, sleeping and so on

I wrote that isometrics were powerful exercises for increasing strength and needed to make a comeback (they have)

• Along with Eddie Baran - we were the FIRST in the modern era to teach handstands, bridging gymnastics, extreme pull-ups and an entire array of exercises that were previously ONLY known and practiced by gymnasts

Along with two Chinese acrobats, I was the first to introduce EXTREME FLEXIBILITY stretching exercises to the masses

• In 1996, in my very first book, The Martial Art of Wrestling, I wrote about using hill sprints to get into tip-top condition incredibly fast

I traveled to China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Italy, Malta and a ton of other countries, to train and research the best methods of internal and external exercise.

• From my travels I brought mind-body products to the marketplace that were virtually unheard of in the western world

and much more.

Matt Furey training in China with Master Liu

Yes, I challenged the world with my words - and my products. And people in more than 140 countries responded. They bought my books and courses and became FITTER, STRONGER ... and MORE FLEXIBLE. And they didn't buy because I was a national collegiate wrestling champion (1985), as well as the first American to ever win a world kung fu tournament in China (1997), beating the Chinese at their own game.

Beyond Combat Conditioning

Matt Furey going beyond Combat Conditioning
They bought because the program flat out worked - and still does. [Note: Wait until you see, hear and experience the advanced secrets and concepts I'm teaching NOW!]

At the same time, fans of mine got excited about the possibilities of the program - while naysayers took pot shots at me - (some still do, to this very day - even though I've been meditatively retired for several years).

Ironically, while some of these same people were talking smack, they did something remarkable. They created their own books and courses "on the same subjects" that contained MANY of the same exercises I brought to the public's awareness for the first time.

The authors who are "Friends of Furey" gave me credit for the influence I had in their lives.

Others refused.

Either way, they're helping spread the word and that's a good thing.

Now, here's a public secret: Some people flat-out "hate Matt Furey" - and that's also a good thing. You cannot please everyone - and my mission in life has always been to help people get fit with the TRUTH.

My mission has never been winning a popularity contest - and it never will be. So let the haters hate and the naysayers quibble. I've got work to do.

And now, after several years of being nearly invisible and unavailable for comment, after years of "not caring" what's going on as I meditated, trained, researched and spent time with my children, helping them develop athletically, after years of working on the internal component of martial arts, I've taken a gander at what's going on in the fitness industry these days, and I must say I'm liking a lot of what I'm seeing.

There's so much good going on in the fitness industry - and yet, I see improvements to make that everyone else is missing.

Many of my so-called ENEMIES are doing great jobs spreading the word on bodyweight calisthenics and fitness. They can hate me if they want - but if they're doing a good job helping people, that's all that really matters and I applaud them.

Then there are my FRIENDS - the people whom I've literally helped create their products, through my coaching or via my example. I applaud these people, too.

At the same time...

It's time for me to "come out of my cave."
It's time to help you in ways I couldn't help you before.
It's time to reveal to you the INTERNAL POWER hidden
Within YOU that can help you achieve any fitness goal you have, faster and easier than ever before.

Before I tell you what I have planned, let's face some facts:
1. Most of the people in this country - as well as the rest of the so-called civilized whirld - are in horrendous physical condition. They're obese, sick and tired.

2. Most people do NO FORM of EXERCISE on a regular basis.

3. Most people who are exercising are making almost no progress. They're on a "treadmill to nowhere" following the propaganda, lies and stupid advice that practically surrounds them.

4. Most of the people who are working out are hurting themselves in the process, doing EXTREME exercises that they are NOT ready for or should probably not be attempting in the first place.

5. And almost ALL people who exercise have ZERO connection to their untapped PHYSICAL POWERS because they don't have a sense of how to build Internal Power. That is the sort of information I have for you that can and will take you to the NEXT LEVEL.
Okay, with the above in mind, I'm ready to tell you what I have planned for YOU. Below you'll find a list of the NEW Videos and Special Reports I have planned for you and the other members of the Matt Furey Inner Circle over the next 12 months:

The Next 12 Months of the Matt Furey Inner Circle

1. Beyond Deep Breathing - how to increase your life force, strength and power from deep breathing alone - and how to apply it to every exercise and athletic endeavor you do so you can be the relaxed "Joe Cool" of your profession or industry.

2. Chinese Relaxation Techniques that Improve Any Area of Your Life, Effortlessly... Easily - I'm going to take you back in time and teach you the very first Chi Kung exercise I learned - way back in 1981 - and then I'm going to give you details on this technique that will increase your speed, power and athleticism in a HUGE way.

3. Neck Chi Kung - the Untold Story - how to train your neck while standing, while seated or while lying - how to increase flexibility in the spine without fear of injury - this is the fastest and easiest method to get results ever discovered.

4. Hindu Pushups 101, 201 and 301 - why Hindu pushups are still the very best overall pushup you can do and why you need not be fooled by all the extreme, strongman variations.

5. Chi Kung Squats - if you love Hindu squats you're going to love the "Chi Squats" I've got for you - learn the secrets behind squats done from super slow, to moderate and super-fast speeds. Learn monkey squats, tai chi squats and much more as well.

6. Furecats - This exercise combines the strength and flexibility of a jungle cat with the leaping ability and agility of a deer. The details of this exercise will take you to a whole new level of stretch-and-strengthen fitness.

7. Pulling Power - exercises to get you going even if you can't get off the ground - from super simple to the much more advanced - pulling up, down and in-between.

8. Chinese Longevity Exercises for Health, Peace of Mind and Well-Being

Matt Furey training in China

9. Abs of Reel - yes, you read that right. If you're a combat athlete, you don't want abs of steel - you want abs of reel - meaning that your abs can do something far more important than look pretty. These are secrets of core power you won't get anywhere else.

10. P.E.D. (Performance Enhancing Daoist) Testosterone Secrets - How to Become a Man Again without Drugs - lose your Estrogen - learn the sexual kung fu exercise that turn men and women into "animals" in the bedroom.

11. Dr. Dave's Ketogenic Diet - Burn Fat Faster, Easier and Healthier than Any Diet You've Ever Followed while eating all the fattening food you've deprived yourself of for all these years.

12. The Power of Energetic Postures - learn the secrets of stillness from the earth up. Exercises from lying, seated and standing positions.

13. The Fixes - discover the secrets on how to eliminate pain and weakness from almost any area of your body - from carpal tunnel syndrome to back pain to plantar fasciitis to knee, neck, wrist, elbow and shoulder pain - I got you covered - and then some. Oh, and how about "ringing in the ears," headaches and sluggish bowels? Got that covered, too.

14. Lucky # 13 - Special Bonus - footage from seminars and live events that has never been released. Can't tell you how much this alone is worth.

15. Secrets of Mace Swinging - one of the ways the Indian wrestlers trained, how the Great Gama trained, how Karl Gotch taught me to swing the Mace - and the way I do it today. This is guaranteed to turn heads.

16. How to Train the Young Athlete Who Feels He Must Lift Weights - my son felt he HAD to lift weights. Thing is he was being told all the wrong things. So I took the bull by the horns and began teaching him the REAL way to use weights - and it's not while sitting on your rumpus or lying on your back. You'll love this!!!

17. Unrevealed Secrets of Strongman Stunts - funny how the strongman always tells you the key to his strength is "just hard work." Okay, great. If that's all it is, why won't you tell me how you're really bending that bar? I got news for you. They have secrets and they don't want YOU to know what they are.

Furey Faithful order button

In addition to the above...

As soon as you're on board the Matt Furey Inner Circle, you'll quickly access a treasure-trove of books, special reports, video and audio that are easily worth thousands of dollars. Without a doubt, this is a VAULT of high-powered information you won't find anywhere else.

This vault currently includes 12 best-selling books, including Combat Conditioning and Combat Abs, 72 special reports covering almost every aspect of health and fitness and over 70 videos that teach you everything you need to know to get fit and stay fit - for the rest of your life.

And as you can see from the list of what is going to go up over the next 12 months, you realize that we'll be adding some incredible info month after month.

Become an ACTIVE Member of the Furey Faithful NOW for only $97 per month and each month you will have access to a riveting, incredibly helpful video or special report, giving you the latest, greatest top secret insights, workouts, routines, exercises and nutritional breakthroughs that I am following. In addition to the above take a look at the following bonuses:

Bonus #1 - Furey Faithful emails (not sent to my other lists) wherein I answer your questions and relay them to the others in the group. If you prefer to be anonymous, that is fine. Just send your questions and give me a yes or no on using your name.

Bonus #2 - Personal email access to "yours truly" wherein you can get expert advice on your training regimen. Not to be abused. One email per month is plenty.

Bonus #3 - There will be some products on the Furey Faithful that are strictly for "members only." No one but you will be able to get your hands on this information. And that's a good thing.

Resurrect Yourself - Wipe the Slate Clean - Begin Again

Matt Furey in front of Bodhi Dharma's cave
Okay, my friend. It's now time for you to make a decision about your future. It's time for you to decide whether you want to keep getting what you've always gotten - and think that's all you deserve - or a wiser choice to "resurrect yourself" - to wipe the slate clean and begin again.

If I were your brother, I'd tell you to drop everything you're doing NOW and become a certified member of Matt Furey Inner Circle. Being on board will change your life - and quite possible add a LOT of highly productive and glorious years to your life.

I spent seven years meditating in my "cave." I took the break I needed to work almost exclusively with my family.

Now I'm extending an invitation to you to BE a member of my fitness, health and longevity "family."

Enroll NOW!

matt furey

P.S. Think of it this way: A dozen books, 72 special reports, 70+ videos - and I'm just getting warmed up with a ton of new content coming your way over the next 12 months. Jump on this incredible offer NOW while it lasts. It's HUGE, my friend. It's TOTALLY HUGE. Go for it. And it's only available, as is, for a short time. After that the fee will go up considerably.

Furey Faithful order button

Trauma Surgeon Helps Patients with Furey Method

As an Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon who cares for severely injured patients, I have used the works of Matt Furey to help many of our patients. The breadth of his works from Combat Conditioning and Combat Stretching to his specialized DVDs on shoulder injuries, Chi Gung and Relaxation Practices have been helpful to many as part of their long road back to well being. As an athlete and coach myself, I have found his training methods to be highly effective and enjoyable.

What I particularly appreciate about Matt Furey's work is that he comes at health and fitness from all angles. In my experience as a physician and health seeker, we need to follow the Confucian motto: "Make savage the body and civilize the mind."

Mr. Furey walks on this pathway. His iconoclastic approach to health, life and fitness offers training for body, mind and spirit. He is honest about his own experiences and challenges and does not misrepresent himself as some sort of know it all. On the other hand he has developed a great breadth of experience and practices and he knows how to effectively share these with the rest of us. I look forward to the ongoing evolution of his training methods and philosophy.

Wade Smith, MD
Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, University of Colorado School of Medicine
Author of Low Carb Rehab

Elite Fitness Trainer Praises Matt Furey's Teachings

At first glance, those who have not experienced the power of Matt Furey's teachings first hand might easily mistake his claims for hyperbole and confuse his brash style and confident enthusiasm with hubris. They might also discount his incredible statements as a mere marketing ploy. This would be a HUGE mistake and a surefire way to cut one's self off from the veritable geyser of wisdom and life-altering information that this selfless family man has to share with the world.

As a longtime follower of Matt Furey, a certified fitness professional and Master Trainer to some of the world's most elite athletes and leaders of industry, I can assure you that Matt's claims are 100% true and full of merit. As a former regular training partner, pupil, and a first-hand witness of the powerful results of his teachings I can assure you that, if anything, Matt's claims and bold delivery are significantly understated. Over a period of approximately two years I was fortunate enough to befriend Matt and witness his immense thirst for truths, his extraordinarily patient and unrelenting commitment to what is often a painstaking pursuit of knowledge, his exceptional ability to synthesize life-changing products from little-known ancient wisdom and concrete scientific data, his insatiable curiosity despite being one of the world's foremost fitness guru's, his selfless dedication to bettering his students and the consistent application and integration of his teachings into his OWN LIFE.

In a world of self proclaimed gurus, overhyped fads, and opportunistic flash-in-the-pan phonies, I can honestly say that Matt Furey is truly a man that practices what he preaches in his daily life which is perhaps the most impressive thing that I took away from my time spent with him. Over nearly 20 years, Matt's products and teachings have ALWAYS delivered results without fail which is a testament to their tremendous value. Matt's unique brand, philosophy and comprehensive teachings truly represent the convergence of rock solid science, "no-nonsense" common sense, a lifetime of meticulous study and tens of thousands of hours of testing and retesting. When I consider the staggering amount of life-changing information that he is offering in his latest product I am completely flabbergasted. This is an absolute steal.

Clarence K. Howard, CPT
Certified Personal Trainer

Forgoes Hip Replacement for Furey Method - Now Pain Free

After years of physical abuse, my hips were in terrible pain. The cadre of doctors I visited all said that I needed a bilateral hip replacement. (Bad news when you're in your young 40s.) I had also spoken with quite a few fellow martial artists who already had their hips replaced. Every one of them said it was the best decision they'd ever made and encouraged me to just go in and get it over with. So I finally capitulated and was fully prepared to go under the knife. I even began choosing a surgeon.

But then I decided to ask Matt Furey his opinion. As opposed to everyone else, Matt said, "No, don't do it. You might be able to fix your problems without getting cut."

Huh? This lone contrarian view made me wonder, "Does The Zen Master have X-ray vision on top of everything else?" What if the doctors have misdiagnosed me?"

Well, it's a good thing I followed Matt's advice. You see, I eventually discovered that the pain in my hips was being caused almost entirely by serious muscle imbalances and acute soft tissue damage. Not bone on bone joint problems, or incurable arthritis. Big difference! So I permanently ruled out the "hip jobs" and began an alternative approach. Thankfully, I've been able to restore my body back to normal through a rigorous stretching protocol and proper strengthening exercises. The process was painful, extremely challenging and required massive discipline/commitment. But miraculously, I'm nearly 100% pain free today! Talk about dodging a bullet...

If I would have gone through with the (unnecessary) surgeries, not only would I be walking around for the rest of my life with fake parts, but I'd still have the same problems that were causing me pain in the first place.

Thank you, Matt!

Rob Colasanti
Game Changers International

Hopeless and Over-fat Executive, 52, Drops 30 lbs

"I'll never forget how I felt the afternoon I saw that video of me online. I had given a talk in LA and thought I'd take a look at it. Instead of reviewing the content, all I could see was how fat I was. I had more than 25 pounds of extra fat, and my flabby gut was all I could see. No wonder my wife had been trying to find a way to tell me I wasn't attractive to her! But, at almost 52 years old, what could I do? Everyone told me I was too old. Testosterone implants didn't help. I felt hopeless.

6 months later, I was 30 pounds lighter. I was in the best shape of my life. There was definition to my abs, back, arms, and legs. People noticed. I felt awesome!

Matt Furey has been my coach, mentor, and Zen Master for over a decade. But, I forgot his teachings on health and fitness. I believed I didn't have the time. I thought his program wasn't going to do what I needed. That I was too old. That the new approaches to fitness must be better.


The Royal Court made a difference before in my life, and now it has again - but in a much bigger way than I ever thought it would. Matt's original Combat Conditioning program has been copied all over the Internet by other authors. But what's he's doing now is off-the-charts great stuff."

Steve Hultquist
Cyber-security expert, author, executive coach and speaker

Former Marine Finds Internal Power

"Both in and out of the Marine Corps, I have learned as much from Matt Furey's determined energy, powerful empathy, and calm enthusiasm as I have from each new product. Simply put: the Fure-cat is my favorite fitness teacher, creative thinker and pragmatic entrepreneur on the planet -- and he will show you how to find Internal Power in ways you never imagined."

David Danelo
Author of Blood Stripes

Top Ant-Aging Specialist Gets Rejuvenated

"For the past 2 decades I have traveled to the far corners of the Earth as an anti-aging and regenerative medicine specialist, looking for the best, most effective and genuine ways to rejuvenate the body. I have found many wonderful things but my system was missing something until my old friend and mentor, Matt Furey, casually mentioned he had found something that was HUGE and was absolutely necessary for staying young. I did not hesitate. 'Count me in Matt!!!!!' I said. I have said those words to Matt many times over years and never ever regretted it so I knew I would not regret it this time. But I was not prepared for the quantum leaps, quantum changes and quantum improvements I've made since learning Matt's new system. Without a shadow of a doubt, his teachings today go way beyond his earlier seminars, writings and DVDs. I'm grateful to be getting this knowledge. It's given me yet another edge in my personal and professional life."

Dave Woynarowski, MD
The World's Top Anti-Aging Specialist
Author of The Immortality Edge

Self-Help Author Swears by Combat Conditioning

"I never believed you could really reverse the aging process until I began consuming Matt Furey's books and learning tools. I was 60 at the time. What I discovered is no one makes the mind-body connection better than Matt, and no one has given so much of his energy and strength to so many others. He has restored my physical love of life that I had as a boy and gotten me into great shape again."

Steve Chandler
Author of The Story of You

Bodybuilding Pioneer Praises Combat Conditioning

"After receiving quite a number of emails from people telling me about their positive experiences with Matt Furey's system of bodyweight exercises, I decided to order his book and video and check it out for myself. Guess what? They're right ... His 'Royal Court' of three bodyweight exercises is demanding - and fun. Combat Conditioning, Furey style, is definitely worth exploring ...Furey's exercises offer a wonderful new challenge -- just what the doctor ordered to renew enthusiasm and keep your gains coming. Give it a try."

Clarence Bass
Author of Ripped

World Famous Concert Pianist Says...

"If you're serious about your health, strength, and fitness; if you're serious about changing your life for the better with functional strength that'll energize you and enhance every aspect of your life, then you must make certain you own Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning course - along with all his DVD instructional collections.

"Theses courses absolutely need to be right on the top shelf of your library. Matt Furey's training techniques will change your life as they've done mine. I make my living performing around the world with my extremely demanding show combining virtuoso piano playing, magic illusions, and martial arts. The travel and performing schedules are grueling and physically demanding. I need to be in top shape all the time. Combat Conditioning allows me to train hard anywhere, with no equipment. And, take it from me, Combat Conditioning will put you in the best shape of your life and keep you injury-free.

"Matt Furey's passion for putting out great products and inspiring his practitioners is truly amazing. It is extraordinarily rare to find so much wealth of life-changing materials coming from one man."

Garin Bader
Concert Pianist, Master Magician
Creator of CoreForce Energy

Lifelong Weightlifter Drops the Weights, Gets Stronger

"My entire life I had been searching for an exercise program that could give me the best strength and conditioning possible. I tried everything out there, from bicycling to bodybuilding to Olympic weightlifting. But nothing helped. And when I reached my 30's I was getting fatter, weaker and more lethargic - no matter what I did and no matter how hard or how long I trained.

"The only reason I got Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning was to strengthen my neck, as I thought bodyweight exercises were for old ladies. But when I actually tried the program I was shocked at how effective it was. The results: my strength, flexibility and energy shot through the roof, and my body fat plummeted.

"If I hadn't dropped the weights for Combat Conditioning, I would be in worse shape, in a lot of pain, a lot weaker, a lot fatter and a lot older. I'm in my 40's and in the best shape of my life - and it's only getting better. Thanks for everything, Matt!"

Eddie Baran
Author of Gymnastic Abs

Man Loses 138lbs and 20 Inches

"Your courses have given me a step by step guideline for achieving my goals. Last Christmas I weighed 377 lbs., as of August 12th my body weight is down to 239 lbs. and I lost over 20" on my waist!! My body fat is down to 18%. Imagine how good I felt when I could walk into a department store and buy a large shirt instead of a 5x shirt, 36" jeans instead of 58" jeans. Not only have I lost weight on your plan, but I also improved on my conditioning. I perform 500 Hindu Squats without stopping after a spinning class 3x a week! My Dead Lift has also gone up from 375 lbs. to 495 lbs. for 3 reps.!!! Your accolades as a wrestling and fitness guru will go unprecedented!!! I can't thank you enough."

Robert Lucarelli
Altamonte Springs, FL

Hall of Fame Football Player Endorses Furey

"Just a few years ago, I was out of shape, miserable and felt washed up. Then I heard about this fitness program called Combat Conditioning. And believe me when I say, nothing whoops your butt faster than the exercises taught by Matt Furey in his course. I have sustained a 20lb weight loss in the last few years. If this number doesnt sound outstanding -- what you dont know is I've packed on a ton of muscle and a thinner waistline. I'm stronger, leaner and have loads of endurance. How can this be? Well, in every exercise I work muscles in the entire body and not just one group. I have been around some best coaches in the country both in Div I and the NFL and Matt Furey is one of the best coaches you could ever find to lead you to your fitness goals.

"If you are someone busy like me and the rest of the world, then your time is precious. These exercises will allow you to exercise your body to the MAX in the minimal amount of time"

Vince Palko
2 Time Hall of Fame Linebacker
Author of Linebacker Fitness

Pro Wrestler Ditches Steroids for Something Better

"I am in better shape now than before,and before I was using heavy steroids.I looked bad, bloated and was always sore. Now I am clean, look great, and I am strong. I can pick guys up over my head and throw em' like toys, and I am being accused for steroid use because of my muscle tone."

Pro Wrestler Ian Hodgkinson, aka Vampiro

#1 Novelist Eliminates Shoulder Pain - Has Character Doing the Exercises, Too

"Matt Furey is one of the world's greatest grapplers and fitness experts. My character in my books, John Rain, uses Furey's Combat Conditioning system to stay in shape. And so do I. Three years ago I had given up weightlifting because of a persistent shoulder injury. I had tried chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, even two cortisone injections, but nothing really helped. Then I came across an article of Matt's in which he described some exercises he claimed could strengthen the shoulders. I tried the exercises (particularly the tablemaker pushups), and within a week my shoulder pain was gone. I've been following a Combat Conditioning routine regularly since then.

Not only have I had no further trouble with my shoulder, but I'm also in even better shape than I was when I relied on weights for strength training. I travel a lot to promote my books, and one of the best things about CC is that you can do it in anywhere -- no equipment, no running shoes, nothing. All you need is gravity. Hey, how many 43-year-olds can do a dozen handstand pushups and neck bridges so deep the nose touches the mat? I love this stuff! Thanks, Matt, for turning me onto it."

Barry Eisler
International Best Selling Author, John Rain Thrillers series

Leading Sports Psychologist Seeks Advice from Matt Furey

"Matt Furey is the rarest of super experts in two ways: First, he only teaches things he's used that worked to help him win championships or guide others to do likewise. Second, the more I get to know him the more respect for him I have (most "gurus" are the opposite).

I have a Ph.D. in sports psychology and work with many professional and other elite athletes and when I'm stumped with a player I call Matt to get coaching. Don't be fooled, his coaching is much better than his website will tell you."

Dr. Tom Hanson
author of Heads Up Baseball

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